Should the Los Angeles Lakers Start Lamar Odom Over Andrew Bynum?

The Los Angeles Lakers have the rare luxury of two talented 7-foot players in Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol starting in their lineup, but their true value may be better realized if Bynum was relegated to the bench.

There are those who would argue the sheer size of Bynum and Gasol on the floor together makes it difficult for opponents to operate in the paint, and while that may be true, the same applies to the Lakers.

The triangle offense is at its best when it is flowing and moving as one cohesive unit, and Bynum doesn't seem to quite grasp that concept, and his confusion about positioning often clogs the middle for the Lakers.

One of the most important elements of the triangle is flashing through the paint, and Bynum's inability to decipher his rotations often leaves him stuck in the post where he receives numerous three second calls.

The defensive end is not better because Bynum's problems are very similar in he has no clue about defensive switching, and instead of keeping his eye on the basket, he allows himself to be drawn out of position.

This leads to countless forays to an unguarded rim by the opposition, and when the perimeter gets breached as much as it does with Los Angeles, the second line of defense is critical.

Fortunately this issue is solved by starting Lamar Odom in Bynum's place which allows him to get a better feel for the flow of the game while observing, and it immediately solves the Lakers' chemistry concerns.

Odom gives the Lakers better defensive play, secondary ball-handling skills, superior rebounding, and most importantly he has the ability to play on the perimeter which helps to decrease congestion in the paint.

Gasol is not as physically imposing as Bynum, but Odom has no fear of helping out in the paint, and although he is sometimes inconsistent, he has a firm grasp of the Lakers' concept.

Odom understands when to double tea...

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