Should Kobe Bryant Be Involved in LA Lakers’ Coaching Search?

As the Los Angeles Lakers look for a head coach, one would think Kobe Bryant would be consulted in the search for the person who will lead the franchise going forward.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Bryant admitted he wished to offer some insight on the matter after the Lakers failed to ask for his thoughts on the failed signings of Mike Brown and Mike D’Antoni (via ESPN LA): “On the last two they didn't. On the third one, I'm hoping they do."

On the other hand, Kupchak stated earlier this month that Bryant wouldn’t have a say in the search for a new leader, and that’s probably true to an extent.

One might be inclined to believe that Kupchak is merely posturing. Bryant is after all an all-time great, and his words should carry weight.

That sounds great in theory, because your best player should have some type of sway in the organization. In the case of Bryant, he’s not just L.A.’s best player—he might just be the embodiment of everything associated with the Lakers.


L.A.’s King

At the conclusion of victories, the Lakers play the song “I Love L.A.” over the Staples Center speakers, but they might as well make a remix and turn it into “I Love Kobe.”

Bryant is the proud owner of five championship rings he collected with the Lakers, and he was also named the player of the last decade.

Furthermore, Bryant (as well as Shaquille O’Neal and Tim Duncan) carried the torch after Michael Jordan’s retirement until LeBron James was ready to do the same.

Kobe has a legion of fans who swear by him and would happily tell you he is the best player in the league despite missing 76 games this season because of an Achilles tear and knee fracture.

The loyalty to Bryant stems from his success, but there’s ...

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