Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?: NBA 2010 Free Agency

After Lebron went down to Boston last night there is non-stop speculations on where the superstar will play next season. Basketball fans have been anticipating the 2010 free agents list for a couple years now. There are many big players with big decisions to make in the offseason. This will go down as an epic season after players leave their team. Here is the list of the top players on the free agent list and where I think they should go:

First up, we have the three young stars from the legendary draft class of 2003. These three have 'Player Option clauses' in their current contracts which, if declined, would allow them to become unrestricted free-agents on July 1, 2010:

LeBron James - The biggest name on the list, King James. This one has to be a leave process. After bringing in Shaq, Parker, and Jamison, the Cavs didn't even reach the Eastern Conference Finals. In my mind the team would have to make a huge trade that would keep Lebron in the lonely no championship city of Cleveland. Everyone has their hunch on Chicago with the young talent they have in Rose and Noah. I would actually be surprised if he went to the Bulls, because he doesn't want to follow in Jordan's footsteps. Lebron might as well call around the league to get some big names together. I see him playing for the Knicks next season unless Wade would leave to New Jersey--(Imagine John Wall, D. Wade, and Lebron on the same team). He loves the big city and the lifestyle that comes with it, but would love to be the guy who brings the Cavs its first title and forever be their poster boy.(L.A. Clippers are my sleeper with a good PG, Griffin, and solid big man.) - This probaby won't happen, but would be a better fit than people think. (Would also play in the same arena as Kobe).

Dwayne Wade - Dwayne needs to stay put in Miami. It's a good organization that can make trades happen to become contenders again....

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