Should I Stay Or Should I Go: Lakers Must Win Title To Keep Phil Jackson

According to his longtime girlfriend and Los Angeles Lakers vice president Jeanie Buss, Phil Jackson enjoys listening to tunes from renowned musicals—mainly because he performed in one during his high school years.

However, right now the Lakers coach may very well be rocking out to another genre, perhaps of the punk-rock variety and in the form of the song Should I Stay or Should I Go by "The Clash"—at least after reports surfaced that Jackson was indirectly contacted by the Chicago Bulls about their coaching vacancy.

What makes this report so interesting is not that "people close to both parties have spoken and come away with the belief that Jackson would be open to a potential reunion in Chicago next season," according to the aforementioned report, because when it comes down to it, talk is cheap.

Instead, what makes this report so interesting is: (a) LeBron James' impending free agency; (b) Chris Bosh's five-team, sign-and-trade wish list, which includes Chicago; and (c) the notion that Lakers owner Jerry Buss has already told Jackson that his reported $12.5-million salary will drastically decrease if the two parties do indeed reach another agreement for next season.

If King James truly is dedicated to being king of the NBA court and not just king of becoming a global icon, there are only three teams that can offer him a prime opportunity to make a legitimate run at an NBA championship—or a minimum of three, if he wants to garner "the greatest of greats" title—in the next few years.

Team One: The Miami Heat. The duo of James and Dwyane Wade certainly would be lethal—especially if you throw hall-of-famer Pat Riley into the mix—but LeBron is smart enough to know that winning with another superstar alongside him will make it that much tougher for him to be crowned "the greatest of greats" than if he wins by being the only superstar on his team.

Team Two: The ...

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