Shaq Vs. Kobe: Top 10 Rivalry Moments Between the L.A. Lakers Stars

Rivalry Noun   /ˈrīvəlrē/ Competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field.

To compete is to know rivalry. From the beginning of time, rivalries have existed for war, for sport and for survival. They exist over borders between nations as well battles for supremacy between teams. 

Our forebears, the Romans, reveled in it for much the same reasons we do today—a deep seeded desire to choose sides and live vicariously through the exploits of the gladiators on display before us.

Anyone who loves sport knows the pleasure and the pain that rivalry can bring. 

In basketball, rivalries between teams and players are the stuff of legend. The greatest rivalries, Lakers vs. Celtics, Magic vs. Bird, stir unimaginable excitement within us. 

But, what happens when that rivalry hits home?

When the Los Angeles Lakers acquired Shaquille O’Neal and placed Kobe Bryant alongside him, a messy inter-team rivalry began that continues to this day.

With that in mind, I present you with…Shaq vs. Kobe—The Top 10 Rivalry Moments

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