Shannon Brown: Should the L.A. Lakers Trade Him or Trust in His Potential?

Potential can be a tricky thing when it comes to speculating on how good any player can really be, because on one hand you have players like Orlando center Dwight Howard who are already great, but could be legendary, then you have players like Los Angeles Lakers guard Shannon Brown.

Unlike Howard Brown is not blessed with the same size and sheer physical presence, but he is just as athletic as the Magic center and could be a great player in his own right if he could ever manage to show any real progress in his game.

Brown just completed his 5th professional season and in many ways it was the same as his first four, as he demonstrated the ability to be a game-changing talent with his energy and athleticism, but he was never able to play with a consistent effort.

Brown did average a career high 8.7 points per game during the 201-11 regular season, and he also averaged 7.2 points per game during the 2011 NBA Playoffs which nearly two points higher than his career average.

But after five seasons as a pro we should be discussing Brown's development in terms of leaps not baby steps, and what makes it even more damning is the scope of Brown's potential.

At 6'4 Brown has decent size but what really makes him stand out is his explosiveness, quickness and highlight reel leaping ability.

Brown is usually good for at least one or two SportsCenter moments a week and has the type of talent that has superstar written all over it, but up until this point Brown has not displayed the motivation to excel in any one particular area.

Brown has decent enough ball-handling skills to serve as a secondary ball-handler, but he has a tendency of dropping his head when he attacks the basket, and often misses wide open teammates as a result.

Defense is the area where Brown could really shine because his long arms, quick first step and large hands should make him a terror in the passing lanes.
Article Source: Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Lakers