Shannon Brown or Sasha Vujacic: Which Player Fits the Lakers Best?


Numerous media outlets are reporting that the Los Angeles Lakers are shopping the expiring contract of guard Sasha Vujacic around the NBA in a possible attempt to clear up cap space with the intentions of re-signing Shannon Brown.

Brown is rumored to have received a contract offer from the New York Knicks, and Lakers' general manager Mitch Kupchak has previously stated one of his main directives for the offseason was re-signing Brown.

Rumors say Kupchak has been in discussions with the Minnesota Timberwolves about the possibility of acquiring Delonte West, who just came over from Cleveland, in exchange for Vujacic.

Most Laker fans seem to prefer Brown's athleticism and energy over Vujacic's inconsistency, but that may be because of coach Phil Jackson's decision to limit Vujacic's playing time.

Vujacic was once seen as an important piece to the Lakers' team, but as his shot began to fall less, and his scrappy defense became less consistent, he fell out of favor with Jackson.

Vujacic doesn't have Brown's athleticism, but he does have qualities which make him just as valuable to the Lakers, although Kupchak seems to favor Brown's potential over Vujacic.

Brown has the tools to be a superior defensive player, but he trails Vujacic in defensive fundamentals and discipline, and if Sasha could ever regain his confidence, he is a far better perimeter scorer.


At times Brown appeared to be lost on the defensive end, and this was illustrated in the Lakers' playoff series against the Phoenix Suns where Brown was constantly caught out of position.

Brown's confusion on how to defend the Suns' pick and roll often led to him double teaming in the post, while leaving the perimeter wide open for the Suns' capable perimeter scorers.

Vujacic saw more minutes in the Suns' series than he did at any time during the ...

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