Shannon Brown Dunk: Watch Brown Sky Against the Spurs

There some things in the NBA that you can count on as if they were law. Tim Duncan will fail to crack a smile all year. Greg Oden will get injured at some point in the season, and the Lakers will continue to be the most dramatic team as they slough along during the regular season.

This team, more often than not, fails to impress during the regular season. They are constant believers in this "switch" that they can turn on at a moment's notice.

I do not believe in a mythical switch. I do however, believe that a team can start to click at the right moment. That may be what happened Sunday afternoon in the Lakers versus Spurs game.

The Lakers were set to take on the team with the best record in the Spurs. The highlight play of the night was provided by the man that defies gravity, Shannon Brown. The Lakers guard gets free on a breakaway and throws down a monster jam.

The play put the Lakers up 32-13 in the first quarter. Kobe Bryant gets a defensive rebound and runs up the court with Brown to his right. Brown then takes off from the parking lot and throws it down with an exclamation point.

It was one of my favorite types of slam dunk. It was as if Brown received an extra boost of power while in the air. The Lakers never looked back from there, beating the Spurs 99-83.

The purple and gold sent a message today that they are the force to be reckoned with going into the postseason. They are getting hot at the right time, and just took down the best in the Association with a great deal of flair.

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