Sasha Vujacic Continues His Irritating Ways

TNT announcer Doug Collins loves calling Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic "an irritant."

For the most part, he's talking about Vujacic's uncanny ability to work his way under the skin of opponents.

The list of players Vujacic has irritated is long and respectable: Carmelo Anthony, Mike Bibby, Allen Iverson, Shane Battier, Renaldo Balkman, Kevin Garnett, Baron Davis, J.R. Smith, Chris Paul, and, last night, Goran Dragic.

But what Collins doesn't say is that Vujacic irritates Lakers fans and Lakers players just as much.

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson has called Vujacic "brainless" and said that he annoys his own team everyday.

Every time he raises both his palms in the air after an obvious hack, with his face contorted in a whine, I want to punch him in the face.

Just last season, fellow pine rider Adam Morrison did punch Vujacic in the face during practice.

Ask two Lakers' fans their opinion of "The Machine" and the answers could vary from "he plays with the most heart of anyone on the team" to "he's the stupidest player on the planet."

But during last night's victory over the Phoenix Suns, which gave the Lakers a 3-2 series lead, Vujacic proved his worth.

He didn't drain three-pointer after three-pointer like he did during the 2007-2008 season. He's not a great game shooter anymore, as his career 39 percent field goal percentage (37 percent from three) testifies.

He's not a particularly good defender either. His arms are short. His lateral quickness isn't great. And he can't jump very high.

But he's feisty.

And last night, Vujacic changed the game.

During Game Four, the Suns' Dragic dominated Lakers reserve point guard Jordan Farmar, scoring 8 points and dishing 8 assists. He controlled the tempo of the game whenever he was out on the court.

In Game Four, the Suns scored 26 points during Dragic's stint as poin...

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