Rounding Up the Latest LA Lakers Rumors Ahead of the 2016 NBA Draft

The 2016 NBA draft is just days away, and Los Angeles Lakers rumors are holding at a steady boil.

L.A. has the No. 2 pick in hand with two clear candidates at the top—LSU’s Ben Simmons and Duke’s Brandon Ingram. The Lakers will work out multiple prospects, but it would be folly to believe they’d take anyone else with their prime lottery prize.

Then again, crazy things can happen, and we won't know anything for sure until the night of June 23. L.A. also has the No. 32 pick and a war chest of riches to throw at summer free agents.

And with the Finals now over and the Cleveland Cavaliers claiming the throne, Luke Walton’s Golden State Warriors business is complete. The Lakers' new head coach (and beach volleyball enthusiast) can focus his attention on the gargantuan task before him: guiding a legendary franchise off its recent rocky shoals and back on the path toward greatness.


LeBron James in Purple and Gold?

Fresh off his historic Game 7 title, LeBron James is making a different and surprising kind of headline, per a Monday bombshell from ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith:

“I’m hearing that it’s a huge, huge possibility—if, indeed, he decides to depart from Cleveland—that the Los Angeles Lakers will be in the mix,” Smith said on First Take. “There’s some changes that LeBron would want made if he’s going to go to L.A. and wear the purple and gold. He obviously has aspirations beyond basketball.”

Smith went on to say James recently purchased a home in Los Angeles, and the Lakers and Miami Heat (for a return engagement) are plausible destinations.

But why would James leave his home city for a second time after so much hard work and effort to produce a championship?  It seems more likely he stays in Cleveland and tries for back-to-back titles.&...

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