Rondell Rants: Los Angeles Lakers’ Keys To Victory in Game Five

Imagine being the guy who took a low paying job for a start-up called Microsoft, or the girl who went against her gut and interned for a confident young Oprah Winfrey.

Being in the right place at the right time has its benefits.

Now, I sure wish I could tell you I was that guy who palled around with Bill Gates or even Oprah 30 years ago, but sadly, I'm sure I would have thought they were both to weird to chill with. No, my claim to fame is not as grandiose, but still pretty cool.

I know Rondell Sheridan.

Sheridan is a Clippers season ticket holder and a huge basketball fan. This guy knows his stuff! We met after I wrote an article proclaiming him the new Clipper celebrity.  

The more we talked, the more I knew everyone needed to hear this guy's take on the association.


B/R: Rondell, are the Lakers done?

RS: You gotta give coach Gentry credit for coming up with using the zone for 48 minutes. Cʼmon, nobody saw that coming. Even Nostradamus was napping.

Who knew that lame defense we all hated playing against in high school would be the straw that broke the Lakers' back.

Now, donʼt get me wrong. Iʼm not saying its all over for the purple-and-gold. But unless something changes for Kobe and the game, things are looking dim.

Code blue, better fire up life support

B/R: OK, you're on Phil Jackson's staff. How do you beat the amazing Suns' zone?

RS: When it comes to a zone defense you need to do a few things.

Get the ball up the court fast. Don't just walk the ball up the court after made baskets. You need to pass the ball into the free throw line extended. I personally like about three to five feet deeper, but most feel free throw line extended is enough. You need to rotate the ball and force defensive guards to pick up forwards on the weak-s...

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