Ron Artest Video: Watch Ron-Ron Knee Unsuspecting Fan In the Face

How many times has this happened to you? You're going along, minding your own business, when a 6'7", 240 pound Ron Artest comes sprinting toward you and puts a knee into your face? Often? Sometimes? Not at all? 

Only rarely for me, but that's exactly what happened to some poor unsuspecting fan at the Lakers game at the knees of none other than Ron Artest.

Now, before you jump to conclusions and start making an office pool on how long he's suspended for and how long it will be into that suspension before he puts out a rap album, rest assured this incident was different. 

Artest was running for a loose ball when a guy in the front row was coming back to his seat. He was welcomed by his friend, a lovely knee by Ron Artest. What's nice for Lakers fans is it's the first time he's hustled since the finals last year. 

Okay....maybe that's harsh on Artest because he hasn't played the worst of his career and he's a convenient scapegoat for the Lakers. After all, you'd get pummeled with iPhones in LA if you dare speak ill of Derek Fisher. 

So there's Ron Ron, and at least here he was polite to the fan...until he wiped off the beverage from his hands onto the guys head. Clearly signaling for a towel would have been a little too much work. So his balding head would have to work.

If Artest can't captivate you with his defensive skill, he can humor you with his antics.  

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