Ron Artest Trade Rumors: 10 Artest Deals That’ll Net LA Lakers a Title

Ron Artest is apparently just "frustrated with the losing, as everyone [on the Lakers] is", according to his agent, David Bauman, via the Los Angeles Times.

Because, you know, that makes total sense.  There's just too much losing going on with the Lakers.  Wait, they're the two time defending NBA Champions, you say?  And they're currently sitting in first place in the Pacific Division by 10.5 games?  Oh.  Well then, nix that.

Sure, they recently lost four out of seven, including a home drubbing by the Boston Celtics, and they have a showdown against the San Antonio Spurs coming up on Thursday, but still.  Nobody can really say losing is the problem for the Lakers right now.

But whatever the true cause of the unrest, trade rumors abound.  Obviously, any moves are difficult because of Artest's contract and his being Ron Artest, but let's delve into fantasy here.  Here are 10 players who might actually be able to be worked into a deal.

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