Ron Artest: The Rodman To Kobe’s Jordan

During the prime of his career, Dennis Rodman had one of the more entertaining stat lines in history.  Let's look at it for a minute.

His averages during the epic Bulls run from 1995-1998 include the following numbers:

1995-1996: 5 ppg 15 rpg

1996-1997: 6 ppg 16 rpg

1997-1998: 5 ppg 15 rpg

Just beautiful.  The president of the "rebounding is a state of mind" group, he was a 6'7" PF in a league full of phenomenal centers (O'Neal, Ewing, Olajuwon and Robinson to name four) and still managed to be the best rebounder in the league.  Only a crazy man could do that.  And Rodman was just that person.

Dennis Rodman was nuts.  How many people can say that they won a title playing with MJ, own 5 championship rings, and has fought alongside Hulk Hogan and Diamond Dallas Page? Rodman also took on a lead role next to Jean Claude Van-Damme in the film Double Take .  

Dennis Rodman may have been crazy, but that's not all bad considering Rodman cared the most about the following:

1.  Nobody, and I mean nobody, is going to out-rebound me, whatever the cost.  

2.  I'm going to date the most successful female pop star ever (Madonna) and the hottest model of the '90s (Carmen Electra) and nobody will ask questions.

3.  If people think I'm crazy, so be it.  I'm going to cause nightmares for every power forward I play against and just cause total hell for every minute I'm on the floor.

We don't really need to go into why Rodman was a lunatic, but here are some highlights:

-The man has participated in the WWF World Championship and the NBA championship.  The members on this list are few and far between.

-For the tour of his second book, "I Should Be Dead Now," Rodman sat in a coffin during the book signings. He also promoted his first autobiography, "Bad as I Wanna Be" by posin...

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