Ron Artest Salvages Must-Needed Win for Lakers, Overshadows Any Tumults

There are times, such as moments when someone needs a wondrous moment to avoid doubts and ongoing criticism, realizing that he was viewed as a narcissistic nutcase with problematic outbursts throughout his troubling seasons in the NBA.

Labeled as a miserable thug for initiating bizarre melees during games by losing it on the floor and throwing tantrums and provoking altercations with a blatant crowd, Ron Artest is no longer perceived as the problem-child. He’s no longer a psychotic goon for his stupidity and absurd madness in previous seasons, but a savior at the right time.

By the end of a disappointing and fluctuate Game Four loss, Kobe Bryant was asked during a postgame interview about his feelings while in despair over a disengaging defeat and he said sarcastically that he was “jovial.”

If he was filled with euphoria, he indeed was on a night a noiseless and a motionless Staples Center exploded when Artest put back Bryant’s miss as time expired to beat the buzzer in a breathtaking 103-101 win over the Phoenix Suns.

This was the portrait of an underachieving superstar salvaging a must-needed win, protecting home-court advantage and taking a commanding 3-2 lead in the Western Conference Finals, now one win away from returning to the NBA Finals for the third straight season to defend its title.

So now, before critics berate and ridicule a defensive-minded player with the resemblance of Dennis Rodman, understand that his heroics may have saved the Los Angeles Lakers in facing potential doom.

Before critics affirm any doubt in his disappointing and awful performances since signing with the Lakers, understand that his inconceivable game-winning shot will always be remembered in franchise history, especially if the Lakers win its second consecutive championship.

All the celebrities and season-ticket holders witness a jovial night and celebrated once Artest’s awkward...

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