Ron Artest: Los Angeles Lakers Regain Edge as Artest Saves the Day

The Los Angeles Lakers were up three with 56 seconds to go when LA missed a shot, only for Ron Artest to get a long rebound and do what he does best, brain fart.

Artest launched a three-pointer instantly, missed, and the Phoenix Suns grabbed the rebound with an opportunity to tie the game.

They did just that after the Lakers forgot to box out twice and everybody knows that the third time is a charm, so Jason Richardson banked it in.

Three-and-a-half seconds is more than enough time for Kobe to bail the Lakers out, but Grant Hill was terrific harassing Bryant and the living legend air balled by a foot.

Only this time, the Suns forget to box out, allowing Artest to sneak in, grab the ball, and score at the buzzer.

The Lakers won 103-101, regaining the edge on the series, now 3-2, as the venue shifts back to Arizona for Game Six on Saturday night.


It was a heartbreaker for the Suns the way it turned out.

Much more focused on defense than the previous two games, LA held PHX under 40 percent shooting for most of the first half but dropped the level of intensity late and allowed a 17-8 run just before intermission which resulted in only an eight point lead at halftime.

Even though the smaller lineup wasn’t working, the role players and the bench weren’t producing, Phoenix just managed to stay alive the entire game, a scenario that had produced against the San Antonio Spurs in the previous round.

LA’s strategy was to make Steve Nash a scorer and avoid his playmaking.

Nash hit clutch jumper after clutch jumper on the fourth quarter and finished with 29 points and 11 assists. The Suns had a legit shot of stealing Game Five but once again their indiscipline and lack of defensive fundamentals cost them a huge W in the playoffs.

The Lakers had Kobe leading them by example once again while he p...

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