Ron Artest: Is He a Visionary Hall of Famer or an Overhyped Buffoon?

Ron Artest has achieved something amazing, but it has nothing to do with basketball.

The Lakers forward should be commended for the debut of his new PSA where he speaks out about mental health awareness.

In the brief spot, he urges viewers to talk to someone if they're struggling with mental illness, adding that he's done it. A Los Angeles Times article states Artest has struggled with mental illness since age 13. 

"A champion doesn't accept defeat," he says in the spot. "Neither should you. You can do it.''

For all the criticism he's received for his behavior in the past, Artest has developed a solid career in his 11 years in the NBA, averaging 15.2 points, 4.9 rebounds, 3.1 assists and two steals per game. He was a key addition last year and helped Los Angeles defend its title.

Right now, though, his numbers are way down (7.6 points, three rebounds per game).

Will Artest finish his career as a solid, decent player? Could he go to another level and wind up a Hall of Famer? Or is he just another overhyped knucklehead? Let's examine the issue and decide.

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