Robert Sacre to Lakers: Scouting Report, Video Highlights and Analysis

Robert Sacre is a center out of Gonzaga that measures in at 7'0" and 263 pounds. He is definitely one of the biggest players in the draft and has the size to be a true NBA center.

If this were 30 years ago when centers were a little less athletic, Sacre would fit in quite well. Unfortunately, the centers in the league today are quick leapers and can run much better than Sacre can.

It's not for lack of effort, but Sacre didn't show the explosiveness on offense or the reactions on defense to be a star at the next level. He'll get an opportunity to improve and will have to work extremely hard if he wants to crack the rotation.


What Sacre Brings to the Team

Sacre is a mixed bag when it comes to his skill set. He is a good shooter in the low post and shot a very respectable 76.1 percent from the free-throw line. Any seven-footer who can draw fouls and make their free throws can find opportunities in the NBA.

He isn't a great rebounder despite his excellent size, and a big reason for that is his lack of quickness. In the modern NBA, big men need to be able to provide help defense by getting from one side of the lane to the other quickly. 

Sacre isn't a genetic freak and doesn't have any elite skills at this point in his career. He can be a serviceable backup center, but that appears to be his ceiling right now.


What Experts Are Saying

Derek Bodner of Draft Express had this to say about Robert Sacre:

His lack of explosiveness is the biggest question mark in projecting his post game to the next level, as he is neither overly quick out of his moves or explosive as a leaper, and he has his shot blocked more than you would hope for considering the size advantage he has on most nights. With the increased length and athleticism at the next level, and not having the kind of offensive diversity to date that would offset a drop in h...

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