Remember the Time D’Angelo Russell’s Mind Was Blown by a Blake Griffin Dunk?

I can't in good conscience type the words "a young D'Angelo Russell" while describing a guy currently 19 years of age, so we'll just go with "a younger D'Angelo Russell."

A younger D'Angelo Russell first walked into the greater public consciousness in 2012, when cameras captured him losing his mind over a monstrous Blake Griffin dunk.

The slam was part of Griffin's warm-ups during a Team USA practice before the 2012 London Summer Olympics. A large group of aspiring ballplayers was in attendance for the theatrics, but the crowd quickly dissolved into the background when Russell stepped up and said the now immortal words:

"He dint even stretch, doe."

And that's how Russell walked into our lives—wide-eyed and aghast. Concerned for Blake Griffin's hamstrings.

I remember seeing the video, dying at this kid's reaction and then forgetting entirely about the moment. I didn't make the connection when he cropped up two years later as a freshman star at Ohio State, and it wasn't until Thursday night's draft that I put two and two together. Maybe it was the red.

The former Ohio State Buckeye was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers second overall at the 2015 NBA draft Thursday night. 

He put on a red and white suit in honor of his (abridged) alma mater and accepted his spot in the floundering Lakeshow, where he'll try to find his place as a teammate and heir apparent to Kobe Bryant and the shooting guard throne.

He seems like a perfect fit for the Lakers too. Definitely not a stretch, doe.


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