Real Fans Wear Bags: A Revolution Against Inept NBA Management

“Thank you for coming to the game, paying my salary, and watching this historically horrendous seven-win, 63-loss team I’ve helped assemble.”

That’s what Brett Yormark, the New Jersey Nets chief executive, should have said to two fans sitting courtside during the Nets’ loss to Miami on Monday night.

Hell, he should have tattooed it to his face, or at least included it in the marketing for “Free Tax Return Night”—the worst promotion giveaway in sports history.

Instead, when Nets' fans recently donned the infamous brown paper bags over their heads as an act of frustration and protest over what still has potential to be the worst season in NBA history, Yormark heatedly confronted them.

He left his plush court-side seat, walked over to likely one of his most die-hard fans, and starting publicly berating them with an intensity not shown by any Nets player since the Jason Kidd administration.

When Yormark asked Jason Lisi, the fan in question, why he was wearing the bag, Lisi responded “because the Nets are so good.”

That one-liner sent Yormark over the edge. In response to the lecture, Lisi merely waved his ticket in Yormark’s face.

Yormark wisely retreated.

“I did not agree with the way this person expressed his opinion of our team last night,” Yormark said, “and I let him know.”

Some in the media and sports blogosphere have had the audacity to applaud Yormark and question the behavior of Lisi, calling him “not a true fan.”

At www. BuyTheClippers .com , we could not disagree more.

First, true fans go to games, even if the team loses more games than Tiger Woods loses endorsements.

This team is 7-63 and still has a chance to eclipse the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers’ mark of futility—9-73.

Hell, Yormark shoul...

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