Rap Lyrics Website Breaks Down LA Lakers Roster

This season's version of the Los Angeles Lakers has become a strange beast, and looking at the team from all angles has become a necessity. That's why seeing RapGenius.com breaking down the roster bit by bit makes it all seem so entirely different.

For those of you who don't know, the guys over at Rap Genius have created a community that breaks down rap lyrics into pieces to explain things to guys like you and me in laymen's terms. It's a great place to figure out what's going on if you tend to be clueless at times during a rap song.

They describe themselves as kind of the meeting place of Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary and your everyday, run-of-the-mill lyrics website, which is exactly what they seem to be.

As they break down the Lakers roster, one thing becomes clear—there's really no laughing matter with this rundown. Just check out the concise breakdown of Kobe Bryant.

The handful of dudes who put this together know a thing or two about basketball, and it's quite clever the way the entire thing is put together.

With Mike D'Antoni and Mitch Kupchak listed as producers, and even a description involved for Lawrence Tanter, the long-time Lakers public address announcer, nobody is left out, save Jim Buss as the asylum-running security guard.

The descriptions don't get too long-winded, and it's a perfect way to learn exactly what the Lakers team is made of without having to get into a deep description of where everyone came from, the turns they've taken this season and how they've fit together.

Making fun of Chris Duhon and Devin Ebanks along the way, the guys throw together a GIF-laden, hilarious breakdown of the Lakers.

With a description of Jordan Hill as an "all-around badass in the post," links to Earl Sweatshirt in descriptions of Antawn Jamison and even a few shot charts thrown around, there's a ton to get a load of.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Lakers