Ranking the Los Angeles Lakers’ Biggest Needs in the 2015 NBA Draft

Hope always springs anew. For the Los Angeles Lakers, the 2015 NBA draft can set the franchise on a course to reclaim their former glory.

Los Angeles has two first-round draft choices coming their way, including a juicy top-five selection—assuming the lottery balls don't bounce the wrong way—to add to last season's two promising rookies, Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle.

The Lakers have holes up and down the roster, which may actually be a good thing when it comes to the draft. They won't be seduced into drafting a "correct fit" over the best talent because pretty much anything will fit at this point.

That being said, there are some target areas it would be beneficial to zero in on. Here are L.A.'s three biggest needs to address in the draft.


3. Three-And-D Wing

According to 82games.com, the two least productive positions for the Lakers in 2015, by PER generated, were shooting guard and small forward, so bolstering their wing rotation is crucial.

In today's game, employing wings who can defend on one end and space the floor on the other is key—especially when you have a guy like Kobe Bryant slotted in at one of your wing spots.


Bryant's days of being a defensive stopper are long gone, and his enormous offensive responsibilities behoove him to conserve energy on defense. Sliding a player next to him with the inverse characteristics would make for a snug fit—someone who can check the opposing team's best perimeter threat on defense and provide a spot-up target for Bryant and other playmakers on the other end.

When you look at the sample of players league-wide who suited up in at least 35 contests and played at least 18 minutes per game, all of L.A.'s regular wing players fell in the bottom 35 percent in true shooting percentage, per NBA.com.

And according to Basketball-Reference.com, Lak...

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