Random Ramblings From Ray & Rajon’s Resurgence

The caption to this photo should read: "Don't worry Paul, you're doing all the little things that don't show up in a box score."  Funny bit of role-reversal, as that would have likely been Paul's line to Rajon in the '08 Finals.  As unsightly a shooting performance as the Captain had, anyone who denies the impact he had on the game clearly isn't a basketball fan.

He, not K.G., was their defensive leader-often times stopping the ball from penetrating, then rotating flawlessly back to his man before an open shot could be launched.  I'd venture to guess he was also in crazynutcaseman Artest's head (scary, scary place to imagine) as said lunatic went 1-10 and looked completely out of sync down the stretch.

Hello there, LA fan who wants to blame the loss on the officiating.  Don't come around here with that, until the end of game fouling began the Lakers had a huge advantage in free throw attempts as well as bunk calls going in their favor.  I'll give you Kobe's 4th foul being lame, but there was Pierce's clean block, Baby's clean block, and numerous ticky-tack calls on all of Boston's bigs.....good bye.

(Quick side-note: it's refreshing to see a star not on Boston wind up in foul trouble; the entire Cleveland series had Pierce sitting on the bench while "He who shall not be named" ran people over with no whiste.  Not to mention Ray Allen in game 1 of this series.  Stars, even on Kobe's level, commit fouls too!)

Now, finally we're to the gentlemen of the hour.  What more can be said about Ray Allen?  I had a conversation with an LA fan online pre-series who said that Ray "no longer had the ability to take over a game."  He's no Jordan, but there was something Jordanesque about those first 7 three pointers.  He's the best mover without the ball I've ever seen, and a championship level free agent who can really help a team for a few more years.


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