Q & A With an LA Blog

With the next LA Laker game getting closer, we asked Rey of The No-Look Pass to enlighten us on some of the stuff going on in Laker Land.

It's just a simple Q and A with one of our blogger buddies. Check out his site for a good Laker perspective.

Bust a Bucket: How much do you think the Lakers, Kobe in particular, care about losing eight straight at the Rose Garden? That has to really piss him off.

The No-Look Pass: Kobe Bryant is one of the ultimate competitors in the game; of course, it has to piss him off. There must be something about the Rose Garden that the Lakers can't seem to figure out. And frankly, I can't figure it out, either. The Lakers' kryptonite has been the Rose Garden and the [Charlotte] Bobcats. Your answer about why the Lakers can't beat Portland in RG is as good as mine.

BAB: Will Pau Gasol play tonight? Portland will have a tough enough time without him, but it might be a done deal if he does play. (UPDATE: Gasol will not play, but here's Rey's answer anyway:

TNLP: Pau Gasol is supposedly day-to-day with that hamstring injury...but he was also day-to-day with his previous hamstring injury, and he missed 11 games. I'm going to guess that he doesn't play, but it's obvious to everybody (if you saw the Lakers/Clippers game) that the Lakers are much better with Gasol in the lineup.

BAB: Has any more come out about how Ron Artest got hurt? We also haven't heard a lot from "Ron Ron" this season. What's up with the good behavior? Just a winning team and a good system, or is Ron a better guy then people think?

TNLP: No further talk about Ron's injury...which is good. I have personally met Ron Artest, and he's a good guy. I tend to be protective of him, so I disliked it when people said things didn't add up about his injury.

Ron is always liked the first time he arrives on a team, but he tends to wear out his welcome as time goes by. I really h...

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