Pros and Cons of LA Lakers Potentially Bringing Phil Jackson Back into Franchise

The Los Angeles Lakers will use Phil Jackson going forward as a consultant in a move that comes with multiples advantages and drawbacks.

Jackson previously coached the Purple and Gold to five titles and consequently comes with some gravitas. He has consistently demonstrated he can get talented teams over the hump and reach the mountaintop.

Hence, his new role with the franchise certainly is a welcomed addition. On the flip side, it’s a well-documented fact that Jackson has a fairly large ego, and thus, he could in fact become more harmful than helpful whether it is his intent or not.

We will have a look at the positive and negative aspects pertaining to his involvement with the franchise. Ultimately it is about the bottom line: wins and losses.

One has to look at the factors and judge them from the standpoint of whether they help the Lakers win games or not. Hence, we will deem contributions as positive if they help the team win.

In the event an aspect distracts the team or simply results in losses, it will be considered negative.

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