Predicting LA Lakers’ Final 15-Man 2016-17 Roster

The Los Angeles Lakers head into their second week of the preseason with a 2-1 record, a new head coach in Luke Walton and a sizable group of fresh assistants, including associate head coach Brian Shaw. This promises to be a fun, free-flowing team with an energy and spirit that was lacking during the past two seasons under Byron Scott.

Shaw may not have actually invoked the name of Walton’s predecessor when discussing coaching philosophies with Bill Oram of the Orange County Register, but the contrast was evident nonetheless.

"There’s some coaches in the past that kind of beat you down," Shaw said. "Tear you apart and then they try to build you back up. [Walton] is not like that at all. He makes everybody feel comfortable, and you want to play for him. He’s a players’ coach, definitely."

But despite all the positivity and good vibrations, the coaching staff still has to make those hard choices—cutting the team down from 20 to 15.

It’s all part of shaping a roster for the 2016-17 regular season.

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