Point Guard Kobe Bryant Sums Up Everything Wrong with Los Angeles Lakers

All these years later, months removed from injury rehabilitation, speeding toward the end of his NBA career, Kobe Bryant is still viewed as this immortal lifeline the Los Angeles Lakers can exploit and exhaust to their liking.

That's a problem.

More importantly, it's a problem that sums up everything wrong with the Lakers of today, the team that, despite its hopeless and hapless start to 2014-15, is still trying to mask and treat its flaws with a decades-worn solution.

The latest ploy has head coach Byron Scott considering a lineup change and positional shift in which he'll start Bryant, a career shooting guard, at point guard for the answers-seeking Lakers.

“I even talked to him about it,” Scott said of the possible move, per the Orange County Register's Bill Oram. “I said, ‘I’m thinking about it, but I’m not there yet.’ So yeah I have thought about it.”

Not only has Scott thought about it, but he's tested it.

During the Lakers' 98-95 victory over the Sacramento Kings, Bryant logged just under seven minutes in the outcome-swaying fourth quarter. Almost all of those minutes were spent at point guard, initiating the offense, creating shots for his teammates and himself.

And, on this night, the move worked.

Los Angeles outscored the Kings by nine points with Bryant on the floor, per NBA.com (subscription required), and left Staples Center with its sixth victory of the season. It's only natural Scott would consider rolling with what worked, however briefly.

Bryant is the team's old head, but also someone the Lakers coach can trust. And he clearly doesn't trust his other point guard options. Jeremy Lin has already been benched, Ronnie Price, a nine-year veteran, never averaged more than 15 minutes per game before this season and Jordan Clarkson has just 12 career appearances to his name.


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