Players on LA Lakers’ Roster Bubble

The Los Angeles Lakers come into the 2013-14 NBA season with 16 players on the roster—five of whom have either non-guaranteed or partially guaranteed contracts. Those five players will duke it out for the final spots on the depth chart.

Depending on how many players L.A. wants to carry going into the new campaign, there could be as many as four slots up for grabs or as few as one (all teams must have at least 12 players on the roster).

Most likely the number will be in the middle, as the Lakers will probably want to reserve a spot or two for in-season pickups.

Here are the guys who will be fighting for jobs throughout Lakers camp and predictions for whether or not they will make the final cut.


Xavier Henry

Much like the Wesley Johnson signing, the Lakers are gambling nothing (a non-guaranteed minimum contract) to see if they can mine the talent that made Xavier Henry a lottery pick just three years ago.

The Kansas product has done absolutely nothing so far in his career. The 50 appearances he made last year were the most of his career but served as little more than glorified cameos.

Henry hasn't proven much of anything at the professional level. He's been a disaster offensively so far, unable to find a shooting stroke that works.

His 41 percent shooting from the floor was a career best. While a 36 percent conversion rate from deep looks alright, he attempted just eleven threes all season long.

Henry has posted negative offensive win shares every season of his career, and his PER has never even cracked double digits.

The only positive in his game is his ability to draw fouls. Henry attempted more than half as many free throws as field goals, finishing with a better free-throw rate than Kevin Durant.

Unfortunately, his atrocious shooting from the foul line (63 percent) nullified the gains made by gett...

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