Pivot Points: Kobe Bryant and the Attack of the Flat-Earthers

Before Ferdinand Magellan's crew completed their historic journey around the globe in 1522, there was a large contingent of society who believed the world was flat, and if one sailed to the ends of the ocean, they would simply fall off the map into oblivion.

Magellan's voyage coupled with other historical journeys ended talks of a flat world for the majority of people but there was still a group who refused to believe the presented evidence and these people came to be known as "flat-earthers."

"Flat-Earthers" exist on various levels in our society today, only the issues they represent separate them from the people in the 1500s, and they are similar in their confusing denial to the facts of a matter.

President Barack Obama's struggles with the "birthers," and "truthers" is one example, and in the NBA Kobe Bryant's battle to receive the proper respect for his accomplishments is another.

Never has a player produced on the level which Bryant has and simultaneously had his achievements diminished by a portion of the public which simply refuses to see the truth in his legacy.

Bryant's four championships eclipse the total number won by many of the players for whom there is little to no discussion regarding their place in history, yet this seems inconsequential when discussing Bryant.

Jerry West who was supplanted by Bryant as the leading scorer in the history of the Los Angeles Laker franchise is loved and revered by many and seen as one of the greatest to play in the NBA.

In terms of numbers and career accomplishments, Bryant has surpassed West in nearly every category, yet there are still those unwilling to include him as one of the three greatest Lakers in history?

As Kobe's career has progressed it has become more and more difficult to denigrate his legacy so people have started resorting to desperate and amusing measures to make their point, to no a...

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