Pivot Points: 10 NBA Stars And Some Reasons They Are Hated

The word hate is one that should follow the other out-dated and over-used monikers of 2009, like the word "swagger", into the pits of relative obscurity, since it's use has finally run its course. Still, the word resonates among various NBA fans when discussing the players who are the biggest objects of their disdain. Fans hate players for many reasons some of which include, their talent level, the number of times said player has broken your heart, and the attitude and aura that may encompass a player. For instance, Michael Jordan may be the most equally loved and hated basketball player to ever grace the court due to his enormous abilities, and casual indifference towards opponents. Plus the fact he was a winner because the old adage that states "everyone loves a winner" applies in reverse for those who disliked him. I have compiled a list of 10 NBA stars who have been similarily hated for reasons valid, and for reasons imagined. Some of these players have drawn your ire through the weight of their skills, facial expressions, attitudes, or simply because of who they are. Not everyone will agree with this list and that's fine, as this article is an example of subjectivity at it's finest, but please keep the disagreements civil. Also feel free to offer alternative choices who may not have made my list, but are equally deserving of a little hate, there is more than enough to go around. So please enjoy as we prepare to cross the thin red line and enter an arena reserved exclusively for the haters.Begin Slideshow


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