Phil Jackson: Will the Zen Master Be Around for the 2011-2012 Season?

It might be the new year of 2011, but NBA legend Phil Jackson recently said, "[I] put in my service time." In other words, the 65-year old coach may actually retire after this year's season, unless he is playing his infamous mind tricks with those with a weak mind.

To reflect back on Coach Jackson's career would be similar to reading a stat book: the man has won 11 NBA Championships, including five with the Lakers, his coaching debut dates back to 1989 with the Chicago Bulls, and, of course, one cannot deny his career in the NBA, though most probably do not remember.

For the Lakers, news such as this may not even be mentioned or thought of as "news," considering this has almost become a recurring theme throughout recent years, but for a 65-year old coach who has accomplished more than anyone else, maybe it really is time for the Zen Master to step down.

Now, this has to bring up the topic of preparing for the worst, which would ultimately be Coach Jackson stepping down. By preparing for the worst, I mean finding a new coach, who could be a handful of people at this point. To name a few options: Kurt Rambis, Byron Scott and Brian Shaw. Out of this group, Shaw will realistically have the best chance of taking over, even if it may be as an interim coach, but nevertheless, Shaw may be the new head coach.

Considering Rambis and Scott are currently coaching at their own respective teams, the best and easiest option should be Coach Shaw and that is why Dr. Buss should start preparing for the worst.

This, of course, is assuming that the outcome of this year's season will not affect Coach Jackson's decision when it's all said and done.

Having said that, there is still the possibility that the Lakers will win the title once more, though recent performances make it hard to believe.

This only plays into the reality that Coach Jackson is still currently coaching and, for now, there is no guarante...

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