Pau Gasol Is Planning to Play for Spain This Summer?

Apparently, Pau Gasol is going to play some more basketball this summer...just not in the United States.

He helped Spain win a world title back in 2006 and even managed to snag a silver in the Olympics, so he'll obviously get a shot to join this team at the very least, but is it the right move for him?

Yes, yes and yes.

Say it with me folks—YES.

Gasol was atrocious this entire postseason. He showed flashes of brilliance early on in the season and was even an early MVP candidate.

However, when the playoffs came, he disappeared.

He looked weak in the post, soft on defense and even managed to get Phil Jackson to hit him. Phil Jackson almost never touches his star players, but 13ppg in the playoffs isn't really "star" like.

His play disappointed Phil Jackson, the fans, his teammates and the entire city of Los Angeles.

Sitting around the entire summer won't get the job done. Neither will working out or going on vacation.

Pau Gasol needs to get back to playing the style of basketball that got rid of his initial "soft" label.

The label is back on now and people are going to be expecting the worst from him. He has a lot of work to redeem himself, but we shouldn't count him out yet.

A summer playing overseas might do Gasol some good, and show him what he was missing this postseason—passion.

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