Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum Should Skip Dialogue and Let Their Games Speak

There may have been truth in recent comments made by Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum concerning issues which plague the Los Angeles Lakers, but if so, coach Phil Jackson didn't see it.

Neither did commentator Mark Jackson, who made it a point to bring the subject up in conversation during last night's telecast of the Lakers and the Golden State Warriors contest.

Mark Jackson said he didn't agree with Gasol or anyone else on the team calling Kobe Bryant out, because he was the reason that every member of the Los Angeles Lakers team, save Derek Fisher, could call themselves champions.

Jackson went on to agree with coach Jackson who said that such matters were more effective when dealt with in a private manner, rather than allowing a controversy to be born.

I understand each side of the coin because Bryant does have a tendency to attempt ill-advised shots, but Gasol and Bynum's inconsistencies in the paint may be a factor in many of the decisions Bryant makes.

The Lakers' paint woes despite having two of the more talented seven-footers in the NBA are well-documented, but maybe the issue coming to light in the public view is not the worst which could have happened.

In fact, it seemed that Gasol may have used the initial backlash from his comments as motivation, because he looked more assertive against the Warriors than he has in recent weeks, and the same goes for Bynum.

Gasol must have known he would incite a maelstrom with his comments, especially when the remarks could be perceived as a slight towards one of the biggest figures in franchise history.

More importantly it took courage for Gasol to speak out, because inevitably the finger of blame would find its way back to him, as his lackluster play has been seen as a contributing factor in the Lakers' struggles.

Laker Nation is fine with Gasol speaking his mind if it helps the Lakers in their ultimate goal of a repea...

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