One Key Element Each L.A. Lakers Bench Player Brings to the Squad

The mark of any great team is a reliable second unit, and now that the Los Angeles Lakers have a phenomenal starting lineup, their bench may shine all the more. 

From their sharpshooters to their size, this team's reserves may be just as dangerous as its starters, something most teams may not be expecting. Needless to say, the Lakers' chances for winning an NBA championship are through the roof after the offseason moves they've made, especially with some key additions to the bench.

Easily, the team's greatest strength in terms of all of the bench players is the depth. So many players bring so many different talents to the table that it makes the Los Angeles Lakers team like a stew. The starters are the meat, but the bench is where the real flavor lies. No matter how you look at it, this is a second unit unlike any other in that its depth of talent probably has more to offer than any other team's bench players.

That being said, as the Lakers look to win Kobe Bryant his sixth championship ring, here's how each of the team's bench players (those who are bound to be on the opening-night roster, that is) can make that dream a reality.

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