One Advantage L.A. Lakers Have over Every Other NBA Title Contender

The Los Angeles Lakers' desire for radical change led to some fascinating personnel decisions that have made them the most interesting case study in all of basketball.

By acquiring Steve Nash this summer (via, the Lakers instantaneously became title contenders, and in the eyes of some, favorites.

However, Nash just wasn't enough for the Lakers, as they jumped at the opportunity to snatch (via Yahoo!) Dwight Howard from the restless hands of the Orlando Magic.

By adding Howard to a lineup loaded with elite talent, the Lakers' front office composed the league's most intriguing and versatile starting five.

A diverse lineup that includes not only Howard and Nash, but Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant and Metta World Peace has the potential to create matchup nightmares for opponents, and that includes some of the league's top title contenders.

Here is one advantage the Lakers hold over each NBA title contender.

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