Once Again, Phil Jackson Ladies and Gentlemen

I saw an interesting article over at Real GM some time ago about which team is the favorite to win the championship this year.

It was, drum roll please…

The Cleveland Cavaliers! Just kidding, the Cavs were probably last (too soon?).

It was actually the Lakers. I know, not really a huge surprise, whether it's because of the latin lover Pau, the fierce competitor Kobe or the loveable Luke Walton, most of us can agree the Lakers are the team to beat.

I know I’ve talked about this before but I just want to clarify it again. Phil Jackson is a great coach who deserves a lot of respect for what he has accomplished. I truly believe in my heart of hearts the Lakers would not be this powerful with someone else at the helm.

Phil Jackson has been fortunate to have coached some of the greatest players of all time. Guys like: Shaq, Kobe and of course this other guy from Chicago. I forget his name, I’m pretty sure it started with an M. Ah yes, of course! Mark Randall!

Anyway, what I never understood was why this was something to knock Phil on. The guy juggled egos, kept guys hungry year in year out and clearly knows how to get the best out of everyone, even role players.

For those who claim Phil Jackson is just a coach who rides the coattails of his stars to fame and glory…well…I have a custard pie I’d like your face to inspect.

I’m not even talking about his X’s and O’s (although no one has ever come out and called Phil a bad kisser). I’m talking about his force of personality and his ability to motivate players. He’s a force of personality, perfect for Hollywood, from his snide comments to get players mad, to his zen like attitude.

Maybe it’s just me but I think Phil Jackson has taken a few pages from the book of acting legend Jack Nicholson.

Don’t take my word for it. Wat...

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