Offseason Moves the LA Lakers Should Have Made

Mitch Kupchak put together a really nice offseason for the Los Angeles Lakers. But it could’ve been better.

After losing the Dwight Howard sweepstakes, LAL’s general manager signed young talent like Wesley Johnson, Jordan Farmar and Nick Young while also making a move for a veteran big man in Chris Kaman over the summer.

With training camp approaching, the Lakers also inked deals with Xavier Henry and Shawne Williams—serviceable players but certainly not game-changers.

Had the front office in Los Angeles taken a more microscopic look at its team—focusing on personality, locker room effects and overall ability rather than simply position gaps—the Lakers would be a better team heading into the 2014 season.


Nate Robinson

Outside of Kobe Bryant, who on the Lakers has sort any sort of pit bull in them?

Although Young certainly brings a ton of flavor, he doesn’t possess that killer instinct that only a handful of NBA players have in today’s game. Swaggy P just has a lot of…well…swag.

And that flair is great for L.A., it’s definitely necessary. But even after the signing of Young, the team was still missing something.

Nate Robinson is as fiery, cocky and electric a player as they come.

Had the Lakers convinced him to sign a lower-level deal—like the two-year, $4.3 million contract he agreed to with the Denver Nuggets—it would’ve been a match made in basketball heaven.

The Lakers are currently working with Steve Nash, Steve Blake and Farmar at point guard. And upon reading that list of names, it’s easy to foresee a significant amount of injuries and consequent lack of depth.

Robinson was sensational for Chicago Bulls last season, putting up about 13 points and four assists per game. In Game 4 against the Brooklyn Ne...

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