Now You Go On and Thank the Nice Man, Kobe Bryant (and Co.)

Incredulous. Incensed. Disheartened. Hung-over. Those are the prevalent things I'm feeling after watching last night's Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals. Through 2.5 to 3 quarters, despite the majority of bad calls going against the Celtics, they were clearly the more dominant team. Then Papa Stern sent his boys in to really equalize things; is there anything more annoying than Joey Crawford's exaggerated motions when calling a play?

You're welcome to call me a tinfoil-hat wearing conspiracy theorist who needs to come out of his mom's basement and see the light of day. (Which wouldn't be entirely accurate, as I own my own home and don't possess a lid aside from knit stocking hats to endure the harsh Wisconsin winters... but I digress.) You get my point I'm sure, and conspiracy theorists are definitely the easiest targets-if you don't believe me just watch "Shutter Island."

Did the refs pound the Celtics to historical levels on the boards? Did the officials cause Ray Allen to adopt Tony Allen's shooting touch for his own? No and no, but I'm willing to give Ray a pass as guarding the opposition's best offensive player will do that to your own offensive game to a degree. As far as the boards go, that was negated by the ferocious Celtics defense until the bad calls started to mount.

Once that happened, the C's were taken out of their game on both ends of the floor. They became tentative and timid defensively, and began forcing the issue and settling for jump shots on the offensive end. Meanwhile, smelling blood and sensing that they could do no wrong with the refs, the Lakers pounced (and more power to them for it, this is an anti-league commentary, not anti-Lakers).

Let's look at one of the most controversial Celtics, Mr. Rasheed Abdul Wallace. (You see what I did there, putting his middle name in as though I really know him and didn't just get it off his Wikipedia page?) He gets a lot of attention for his post-fo...

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