Nothing Friendly About Kobe Bryant’s Newfound Rivalry with L.A. Clippers

Kobe Bryant isn't happy about the current balance of power in Los Angeles, and he's been pretty blunt about his feelings toward the suddenly superior L.A. Clippers.

Apparently, he can't even put his ire aside for a friendly exhibition game.

Dave McMenamin of reported that Bryant isn't exactly relishing the idea of teaming up with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin in the 2013 All-Star Game.

First of all, why expect anything less from the ultra-competitive Bryant? He has built a career on killer instinct and an us-against-them attitude. So it shouldn't be surprising that he's viewing the Clips as hated rivals—even when he'll be sharing a bench with them.

Second, again with the curse words, Kobe? Come on, man. Clean it up.

Then again, maybe we can forgive Bryant for his profanity. After all, he's got good reason to be upset; his Lakers have suffered a trio of defeats this year at the hands of the Clippers, and the most recent one was a true Valentine's Day massacre.

The Clips rode their vastly superior frontcourt depth and perimeter shooting to a resounding 125-101 stomp-out of Bryant's Lakers on Feb. 14. The Black Mamba certainly tried his best, but even his angriest slam of the year wasn't enough to inspire his overmatched teammates.

According to, Bryant voiced his displeasure about the loss immediately after the game:

"It’s not a good feeling at all. When things got difficult, we didn’t step up and meet that challenge. And I’m not very happy right now. Hopefully, my teammates feel the same way," Bryant said.

Frustration like the kind Bryant is clearly exhibiting now is a natural byproduct of what's been happening to the Lakers this year. Despite having a theoretically superior collection of talent before the season started, things simply haven't worked out for the Lakers.

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