Nick Young Thinks Clippers Covering Lakers Banners Is ‘Disrespectful’

Doc Rivers, Nick Young is on line one for you. He's muttering something about championship banners and Aretha Franklin.

One of the newest members of the Los Angeles Lakers isn't happy with the Los Angeles Clippers' decision to cover up Purple and Gold's championship banners at Staples Center home games. 

"He can do that?" Young said after finding out that Rivers spearheaded the veiling, according to ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin. "For real? That's disrespectful. We got to talk to Doc. He can't have that. We got to do something about that."

Like what exactly? Give him swirlies in the Clippers' locker room? Noogies until he cries "Uncle?"

Rivers is notoriously obstinate. When he's adamant about something, he doesn't back down. Those banners are going to be covered, fans are going to see Chris Paul and Blake Griffin's shining faces and we all must deal with it.

That doesn't sit well with Young, who's genuinely perplexed by how Rivers could get away with such a crime.

"That's a lot of pull y'all are giving Doc," Young said, per McMenamin. "I think he shouldn't come in and have so much pull like that. He's got to earn his keep."

Never mind that Rivers has already coached a championship team or that Young isn't a tenured Lakers player himself. Let's crucify for Rivers for attempting to change the culture in Tinseltown. Or as I like to say, doing his job.

If Rivers' plan was to set one banner ablaze a night until none of the 16 remained, then I'd see the issue. Otherwise I'm with Steve Nash, who doesn't see the value in getting riled up about an event so trivial it's not worth debating within 10 feet your office water cooler.

"I guess if you were in the Clippers' organization you probably want to do that, too," Nash said, via McMenamin "It's their arena on their night, so I would try to make it feel like home."


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