Nick Young Rocks His ‘Yeezus’ Getup After LA Lakers Win over Warriors

Los Angeles Lakers wing Nick Young has never lacked for confidence. Never has, never will.

It would make sense, then, that he would emerge from the Laker locker room after Friday night's 102-95 win over the Golden State Warriors rocking a getup that was inspired by the most confident musician on Earth, Kanye West.


Looking at some of these Kanye photos, the outfit certainly appears "Yeezus-like." And if Kanye were a basketball player, he might very well tailor his game after a guy like Nick Young. 

After all, the man calls himself "Swaggy P." No man who gives himself that name will ever be described as overly modest. And he doesn't mess around with that moniker, according to this article dedicated to Young's "Swaggy P" logo:

...he takes his “Swaggy P” monicker extremely seriously. He even wore a shirt decorated with a “Swaggy P” wordmark and logo, and referred to himself by that name in the third person (or should that be the fourth person?)

On the court, he chucks shots from anywhere, at any time. He averages 15.2 field-goal attempts per 36 minutes for his career. Last year, while with the Sixers, he might have hoisted the most swag-a-licious shot in the history of the National Basketball Association.  

Young finished with a very Nick Young-like final line on Friday, with 21 points, one rebound and zero assists. Those 21 points were second on the Lakers in scoring; only Pau Gasol (24 points) scored more. But come on, Nick, zero assists? Kanye produces beats for other rappers; the least you can do is produce a timely pass to your teammates every now and then!


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