Nick Young and Jordan Hill Are Keeping Morale Up in Lakers Locker Room

Nick Young's return from injury is a godsend for the 3-9 Lakers.

He's averaging 16.5 points a game since returning to the lineup Tuesday, and Los Angeles has won both games he's played in.

Young's biggest contribution, however, is his transcendent work in postgame interviews. The shooting guard kept the swagger train rolling after Wednesday night's 98-92 win over the Houston Rockets, expounding on his swagger and Prince-like aura when leaving a room.

Deadspin's Tom Ley spotted video of the interview.

"It's all about my swag," Young said. "That's the part of my repertoire. I'm talking about how I just walk off. I leave a presence when I walk off. I'm like Michael Jackson, Prince...all of them other guys."

Jordan Hill quickly popped into the picture and deflated Young's balloon.

"...You didn't do nothing," Hill joked.

The reporter then asked if Young's return to the lineup had anything to do with the Lakers winning back-to-back games.

"I can't take all the credit," Young said. "...I can take some of it, but it's all about a team effort."

Young would also call Kobe Bryant "The Long Ranger" and don a pair of tight spandex/leather pants before the interview's end.

"I came as Little Richie today," Young said.

Swaggy is back, guys. And he's in midseason form.


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