New York Yankees, Miami Heat, Oakland Raiders and the 50 Most Hated Teams Ever

Whether the name "LeBron James" elicits smiles or frowns in your home, one thing is clear:

LeBron James burns bridges like William Tecumseh Sherman.

His decision to head to Miami and join Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade put a huge target on the Miami Heat.

His new Nike commercial shows what he has to deal with on a daily basis and makes it seem like this is a level of hate was unseen before now.

Does that mean the Heat are sports' most hated team ever?

Since sports began, there have been villainous teams. Whether it was due to style of play, off the playing field demeanor or just plain douchebaggery, teams have always found ways to make fans despise them.

So which squad wears the evil crown? 

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Note: I know list is pretty U.S.-centric. I'd love to hear from foreign sports fans who can add some international perspective.

Also, if you love to hate, check this out. I'm a preeminent scholar on hating.

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