New Laker Coach Mike Brown Deserves a Chance, Not Criticism and Ridicule

It's not like he's been coaching a middle school basketball team, and surprisingly found himself the new head coach of two-time champion Los Angeles Lakers.

Mike Brown has won a lot of games in the NBA, coached one of the league's top players, and taken a team to the NBA Finals.  Brown isn't some castoff from the D-League. But if you listen to the whispers and cries out of L.A., his hiring was the biggest mistake in many years for the Purple and Gold. 

You know what? Give the man a shot.

No one can overlook his coaching record of 272-138.  He's won more than his share of games. He took the Cleveland Cavaliers to the playoffs several times. They made it to the NBA championship series in 2007. 

The first in Cavs history. He basically resurrected a franchise in a city that is starving for a championship.  But I hear very few people talking about what he's accomplished in the NBA. Perhaps the problem isn't his coaching pedigree, as much as if it's a good fit for Rodeo Drive.

Dude is definitely understated.  He's not wearing the $15,000 suits.  He's certainly not Hollywood material.  Don't expect him to be in the new Steven Spielberg movie. He's a homebody. 

Nothing wrong with that.  But as coach of the Laker, you take on more than sideline duties.  You represent the very culture of Los Angeles.  In L.A., it's all about the Lakers, and nothing else.  It's a lot of pressure.  And don't forget to win a championship along the way.

The Los Angeles Times referred to Brown as a "Rudy 2." That's in reference to former coach Rudy Tomjanovich's eight-month stint as coach of the Lakers before Phil Jackson came out of retirement.

Don't know if that's fair. But funny, I'll admit that.  Is Brown a short term solution for the Lakers. I don't know. he hasn't coached his first game at Stap...

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