NBA’s New “Respect For The Game” Rule Threatens to Water Down Entire League

Its officially happened.

The NBA has turned into a public relations campaign.  In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, let me fill you in: the NBA decided to implement “respect for the game” rule which essentially will allow and/or require referees to call technical fouls for any and all players’ reactions to their calls.

Some have said that this is the NBA’s attempt to cover up inept officiating. Others have said that this is a long overdue makeover the NBA needs.

I say it’s a pathetic, overtly self-conscious ploy to make the NBA something it’s not: a league of passionless milquetoasts who would sooner bottle up their resentment of a blown call than offend anyone.

Sounds more like a tea party than a basketball game.

Yes David Stern, we know why you’re doing this. You’ve been feeling the heat since LeBron James fell out of favor with the majority of the sports world and without James to lean upon as “the next Jordan” or your league’s “golden boy” you’re panicky.

Other leagues get away with blown calls (Armando Galarraga, anyone?) and no one bats an eye, but if Kobe Bryant is fouled by anything less than a shotgun blast to the face then he’s getting the “superstar treatment”. Yes, its stupid and screwed up but this isn’t the way you deal with it.

The NBA is turning into the mom whose worried what her friends at the book club might think once they discover her son dumped his old girlfriend, got a hotter one and decided to start wearing leather jackets and riding motorcycles.

I've been a fan of NBA basketball since before my adolescence and one of the main things I've always admired about the league is how representative it is of everyday life.

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