NBA: Western Conference Pre-Rankings (1-15)

I don't think it's ever too early to look at how the NBA will play out come basketball season. So, I've put together a painstaking look at all the teams in the Western Conference. While I understand that all the buzz has recently been focused on the East and the "New Kingdom" in South Beach, I believe the West is just as entertaining, if not more. The competitive West is very talented and every team, even those on the bottom, are looking to improve their chances at contending for a championship. Each team has a direction it's moving in, keeping the West interesting as a basketball fan. This ranking system projects what the standings will be in the Western Conference come playoff time in April. I've also incorporated the most important free-agency moves and their impact on the respective teams. Ranking teams is hard, and while many of you will disagree with where I put your favorite team (Phoenix Suns fans), I tried to equip my rankings with a justification so at least you know my thought process. In an unpredictable and highly competitive Western Conference, predictions are merely educated guesses—which is what keeps this Conference entertaining year after year. Begin Slideshow


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