NBA Trade Rumors: Why the Lakers Still Need to Make a Trade to Be a Contender

The Lakers have been about as inconsistent as can be this year. Following last night's loss to the Blazers, they are 4-4 and haven't looked very good so far.

Really, the only good part of this season has been Andrew Bynum's dominating performance. His 21 point, 12 rebound performance was actually one of his worst performances of the season. He's been absolutely dominant this season, averaging 22.3 points, 15.6 rebounds and 2.3 blocks a game. He's making Lakers fans say "Dwight Who?"

That being said, the Lakers aren't going to be serious contenders with this team. Their inability to even remotely stop a point guard is going to kill them. Just take a look at the numbers for opposing PGs this year


Derrick Rose—22 points, 9-13 FG

Tyreke Evans—20 points, 6-13 FG, 7-12 FT

Ty Lawson (two game average)—13 points, 9 assists, 8-19 FG, 9-12 FT

Kyle Lowry—22 points, 10 rebounds, 9 assists

Jamal Crawford/Raymond Felton—25 points, 13 assists, 6 rebounds


In those six games listed, the Lakers are 2-4, and the two games they won were by just three and nine points. The Lakers other two wins came against the Jazz and the seemingly PG-less Knicks.

Basically anytime the Lakers face a semi-decent point guard, they can't handle him, and more times than not, lose the game. While the Lakers do have size, they don't have athleticism to match up on the perimeter.

While the Lakers have a clear size advantage, their lack of athleticism and defense on the perimeter are going to kill them. Which is why they need to use the few trade chips they have to make a move.

While many criticized the Lakers trade of Odom for a first-round draft pick, it's not looking too awful right now. Odom is sucking it up in Dallas, totally out of shape and looking lost. He's averaging just 6.6 points, 4.8 rebounds and shoot...

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