NBA Trade Rumors: Why Isn’t Chris Paul a Los Angeles Laker?

Chris Paul was on an NBA-owned franchise, was going to be a free agent and needed to be moved. Apparently, David Stern didn't think he did. 

Now, if we weren’t still feeling the effects of what not looks like the most pointless lockout in the history of anything, we are left scratching our heads and the NBA seems like it has a big of a mess on their hands since said lockout.

Paul, the premier point guard in the NBA, was on a New Orleans Hornets team who knew after 66 games that he was leaving, and it seemed like anything they could get for him before he leaves would be gravy.

Not only did they work out a fair deal, you could argue they came out the best in working out a deal for Luis Scola, Kevin Martin and Lamar Odom. Even Goran Dragic can play—he has shown flashes playing behind Steve Nash in Phoenix. Given the playing time and experience, he could turn out to be a starting point guard in the NBA. Plus, they would have received a 2012 first round draft pick in a (expected) loaded draft.

Add in Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza, and that's a legitimate NBA team.

The Houston Rockets were also involved and acquired an elite big man in Pau Gasol while giving themselves enough cap room to shop in the free agent market and go get someone like Nene. Sure, it’s a leap to assume the Rockets would sign Nene, but he would have to at least look at signing here.

What team in the West wouldn’t have problems with Gasol and Nene controlling the paint? While having to deal with shooters in Chase Budinger, Kyle Lowry and Courtney Lee on the perimeter? They came out winners as well.


The Lakers would get their best point guard since Magic Johnson was running Showtime. They were ditching the triangle offense and needed a point to run their new Mike Brown offense while easing the ball handling duties for Kobe Bryant.

They were, however, de...

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