NBA Trade Rumors: Power Ranking Top 10 Teams As It Could Look by All-Star Break

Heat or Three-peat? 

That has been the forgotten question in Lakers-land as the Miami Heat and L.A. Lakers have run the cycle from early season favorites, to LeBron and Co. struggling as Kobe and Co. dominated and finally to completely reversing roles.

But for the first time in a long time, the Lakers besieged a top surging team in the New York Knicks so convincingly, and not long after, the same Knicks ran up the score on the San Antonio Spurs.

Indeed, it was the defending champions that showed up at the Staples Centre at long last, the ones with attitude and swagger in every step.  They were the instigators and the perpetrators—they were the ones committing the crimes as they imposed their will in disparagingly copious amounts.

And it’s about time these Lakers showed up again because as it seems, the top teams in the league (including New York and Miami) have become so much better.

These top NBA teams exhibit a primal instinct on the hardwood—a sixth-like sense that constantly searches for vulnerabilities in their opponents, revealing an opening to pounce.  Their adrenalin begins to rush leading them into a powerful strike—the kind you see only on the plains of the Serengeti.

As the trade deadline approaches, each of these teams are searching for dominance and the playoff picture is beginning to take shape.  The fingers are on the triggers, analyzing possible trade scenarios that will make them smarter, stronger, faster—more brilliant and resilient than their foes.

A rare commodity in the NBA is the elite center, whom will be highly sought after by most of these teams, and now, Anderson Varejao (a perfect fit for many contenders) is out for the season with a serious injury. 

Between now and the All-Star game, these teams will arm themselves by strengthening any visible weaknesses in the relentless pursuit ...

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