NBA Trade Rumors: LA Lakers Unlikely To Get Kirk Hinrich, Considering Options

There has been no serious movement on the Lakers' side in furthering a possible Hinrich deal with the Chicago Bulls, despite both teams' efforts to recruit a third team.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have been contacted about facilitating a Hinrich trade, but General Manager David Kahn is hesitant to take on the contract of Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic, even with forward Tyrus Thomas coming into Minneapolis.

However, the biggest issue is that the Chicago Bulls are requiring a mid-to-early first round draft pick in addition to expiring contracts, and Minnesota is unwilling to surrender any of its picks to Chicago unless they receive multiple first round draft considerations from Los Angeles.

Though the Lakers and Bulls have continued to reach out to other NBA teams to assist in a three-team deal, no team is amenable to obtaining Sasha Vujacic. As reported by ESPN's Marc Stein, the Los Angeles Lakers' attempts to acquire Hinrich have stalled because they want to surrender Sasha Vujacic's contract in the same trade.

Hence, negotiations have narrowed down to the Lakers and Bulls. The Bulls have suggested alternate deals that would bring Kirk Hinrich to the Lakers, such as the Lakers sending out Adam Morrison alongside the athletic Shannon Brown and the expiring contract of Josh Powell. However, the Lakers have refused to include the former Slam Dunk participant into any deal.

The Lakers also rejected the Bulls' efforts to trade Kirk Hinrich in exchange for the expiring contracts of Derek Fisher and Adam Morrison, as well as future draft picks. The problematic issue is not the draft considerations. Rather, the Lakers' front office has chosen to remain loyal to Derek Fisher, despite his season-long struggles.

Even with the possibility of Derek Fisher being waived and returning to L.A. in time for the playoffs, the Lakers do not wish to part with the veteran leader. Moreover, the Lakers understand the leag...

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